KO Card Counting System

  • The KO (name Knock-Out is also used) card counting reckons as the most popular unbalanced method for card counters to use. That means your whole-deck count won't end with 0 number as it happens in Hi-Lo or Hi-Opt I balanced system for example.

    The count final point will be +4. It's caused by a transfer of 7 from nothing count group to the +1 count group.

    This system is widely used by tournament blackjack enthusiasts due to its simple nature and availability.


    You may use the chart given below in order to simplify your card counter researches.

    The KO method possesses 3 basic card groups as well as the standard card counting systems.

    • The small cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) shape the group of cards count +1;
    • The middle cards (8, 9) group the 0 count group of cards;
    • The big cards (10, J, Q, K, A) belong to -1 count group.

    The small cards sum is 24. Only 8 cards form the middle group. And the big cards sum is 20 accordingly.

    The chart mechanism is rather easy to understand and memorize. Nevertheless we advise you to consider the practice example in the next paragraphs.


    Let's get your imagination involved in KO card counting system practicing and consider with the following example thoroughly

    You participate in blackjack card game tournament alongside with 2 another players. The dealer shuffles the one-deck shoe and delivers the next cards for you and your rivals:

    • ⑤ and Jack to form your initial hand;
    • ⑨ and â‘¢ for the rival #1;
    • King and ⑦ for the rival #2;
    • ⑦ is placed as the dealer hole card;

    Thereby you may start your count.

    The 1st round just started and count begins from the number 0.

    Firstly you count your own cards in the following way:

    • Your ⑤ counts +1 & your Jack counts -1

      = 0 count

    The same technique is used for player cards count:

    • The #1 rival ⑨ counts 0 and â‘¢ counts +1
    • The #2 rival Queen counts -1 and ⑦ counts +1

      = +1 count

    Now we add the dealer hole card:

    • ⑦ counts +1

      = +1 count

    Altogether we have +2 count (positive count) and keep it in mind.

    The blackjack players make their decisions + the dealer second card becomes face-up. The additional cards appear and thus the count continues.

    The chief aim is to bet more when the count is positive, and to bet less when the count is negative.

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