Blackjack Players - Big Names to Know

  • Every activity possesses its own heroes - a so called Hall of Fame. Or improvised Olympus. At all events the essence stays the same - the world is nothing out of heroes, the heroes make the world.

    The legendary Beatles occupy the 20th century music throne; the same with Charlie Chaplin or Marlon Brando in the context of movie art; Hemingway in literature, Picasso in painting - a kind of sharp images in everybody's mind.

    The modern gambling world can illustrate us a lot of examples - legendary players, genius strategists and mathematicians. Some of them are vivid celebs, other just weird recluses.

    A lot of names we'll never know, much of them are still unborn.

    We want to present you the most memorable trio (to our mind) of blackjack players - the masters of card and count. The former heroes who left their significant records in gambling world history.


    Stanford Wong is considered to be the genius blackjack player and strategist who calculated the winning mechanisms for blackjack in his early 12.

    The whole life of Stanford Wong was dedicated to Blackjack. He loved this game much and couldn't even imagine any other activity to accompany his being.

    All his great experience was recorded in the numerous books he published.


    MIT Mike Aponte is another legendary blackjack player, the former MIT Blackjack Team leader and manager.

    He spent his eventful and splendid life being a talented and hard-working blackjack player. His great abilities provide him with millions of dollars and undying fame.

    His image was made an example of best-seller book Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich and Robert Luketic feature film 21.


    The rock-star among the blackjack players, please welcome - the great and terrible Hollywood Dave Stann.

    Well-educated child who grew into a real blackjack celebrity. Being a pro actor Dave employed his stage abilities at the casino table and thus achieved the fame of Bad Boy of Blackjack.

    Once he tried to conquer the LA and it so fell out that he wins the million size audience.

    Dave Stan is perfect card counter, true genius among the blackjack players - both talented and celebrated.


    Of course the list is far from being completed. The blackjack players' Hall of Fame is bigger and brighter no doubt.

    We judge subjectively for sure. Any of you may call the names of blackjack players no less talented or famous. The thing is try to employ the past experience of legends and celebs to your own good.

    Or just to know the names 'cause they sound so loudly.

Blackjack players

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