Hi-Opt I Card Counting System

  • The Hi-Opt I (name High Optimum is also used) card counting system obtains the advanced technique for those who perform card counting techniques.

    The given method possesses the more complicated structure and mechanism of realization, but still it provides the card counter with more chances for winning.

    Some called the Hi-Opt I card counting system the Einstein count method no doubt. But such an overstatement is hardly truthful. We may state that the Hi-Opt Icard counting system is slightly differ from the standard techniques, e.g. the Hi-Lo system.

    The Hi-Opt I method belongs to the balanced card counting systems class. The whole deck count will end with nil thereby.

    The advanced card counters prefer this very system and use it during their tournament blackjack clashes for sure.


    As it has already been stated - the Hi-Opt I card counting system is rather complicated to master and thus we advise you to read the following info attentively.

    As we see the same subtracting/adding system is used in the Hi-Opt I method. You just need to learn by heart the card value counts and use simple math operations to put this technique into action.

    The main difference of the Hi-Opt I card count technique lies in 2's and Aces count. In the considered system these cards are added to middle cards group and form the most numerous list (2, 7, 8, 9, A) possessing the zero count.

    The cards 3, 4, 5 and 6 shape the small cards group possessing the +1 count. And all the face cards + 10's form the big cards list possessing the -1 count.


    The usage of any card counting system is closely connected with the basic blackjack strategy manual. The charts with recommended decisions + card traces memorizing is a powerful weapon for any player who possesses these techniques.

    And even more - if you manage to master another additional count - the count of Aces,then you improve your winning chances significantly.

    According to Hi-Opt I card counting system the Aces count nothing and thus don't influence the whole card counting procedure at all. But if you want to achieve the extra advantage over you rivals (e.g. while tournament blackjack playing) you may perform the count of Aces as well.

    You just memorize the number of dealt Aces and the number of them still in the deck. Also you may use your fingers or chips to keep the Ace traces surely.

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