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  • Hollywood Dave Stann. Bad Boy of Blackjack. Please welcome.

    David Stann - is one of the most talented blackjack players, pro card counter, actor and simply the most showy person of blackjack was born on November 12th (the year of birth is kept secret) Cleveland, Ohio. The city which set the world the genius composer Henry Mancini, oil magnate John Rockefeller and tremendous Nine Inch Nails rock group.

    Dave's parents were quite young (17) when the future blackjack-star just came into the world. They were strong Catholic and highly educated. Thus they did their best to grow their child nicely and they succeeded for sure. Dave was educated to be an open-minded and advanced person and even visited the Mensa meetings.


    The parental endeavors didn't get wasted and the good breeding outcomes appeared rapidly. At the high school Dave was a president of the Debate and Speech clubs. But soon he realized his real interests and thus became a Goth kid, rather vivid and highly attractive for girls. The rock-star image was born

    But Dave's principal passion appeared to be the fringe theatre. That time he performed his first roles, attended the Kent State University and even adapted the John Waters' Pink Flamingos for the stage.


    Dave Stann graduated with the theater bachelor degree and was aiming to continue his acting. He inked the Ford Agency contract and thus achieved an opportunity to act in some local films and commercial.

    Having good prospects as an actor and just being an active person, soon Dave started to think of leaving his native Cleveland. Then he has turned his eyes on Hollywood, the real mecca for artist. Without a second thought Dave packed his bags and went to conquer LA.

    He tried a lot of routine and prosaic works (e.g. a work of a waiter) but it won't take long for him to realize the need of more money for a young and ambitious person. Thereby the gambling world has opened his doors to meet a newcomer.


    David Stann has quickly mastered the blackjack counting technique and this talent started to bring more money for him. Dave didn't forget his theatrical skills and now the gambling houses became his stage location.

    The showy appearance and impertinent behavior soon turned out badly for our hero. Many big-name casinos have put Dave into a ban-list. Bad Boy of Blackjack step the stage.

    But Hollywood Dave Stann always had guts and never gave-up. He proceeded to play and soon appeared in the World Series of Blackjack televised in 2004.

    Possessing the significant acting talents Dave soon became a new star of blackjack card game. Not a geek, but a real rock-star of gambling world - most recognizable and showy member of blackjack pro players.


    Hollywood Dave Stann has found himself in such games as:

    • The World Series of Blackjack
    • Celebrity Blackjack
    • King of Vegas
    • Skavengers

    Also he grounded a production company which is focused on experimental films and theater.

    In addition he wrote a book Hollywood Blackjack: An Uncensored Guide to Doing It Like a Pro and launched his personal web-site hollywooddave.com.

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