Basic Blackjack Manual Review

  • Gambling captures more and more audience. Each day the casino enthusiast numbers grow. And about half of this myriad play blackjack card game each day & night, live & online.

    This game of skill and chance offers you the simple rules and strategy multiplied the exciting and amusing gameplay.

    Blackjack is versatile and always urgent. Having the rich traditions this game still possess the promising prospects.

    Each study process stats with general knowledge and basic aspects of the theme considered. We offer you a short guide to basic blackjack review, the theoretical part to consider.


    Blackjack card game obtains many game variations depending on its rules, strategies, special features and location.

    The Old World prefers the European Blackjack game, Asians perform their own Chinese Blackjack, Perfect Pairs game possesses lots of bonuses and extras for participants and Blackjack Switch provides the player with the ability of cards switch.

    We may enumerate the most essential and popular blackjack variations in the following way:

    • European blackjack
    • Chinese Blackjack
    • Spanish 21
    • Pontoon
    • Blackjack Switch
    • Perfect Pairs
    • Vegas Strip Blackjack
    • Elimination Blackjack etc.


    The principal aim of Blackjack card game is to get 21 points card combination or just more total points than the dealer. Remember that the any total > 21 will lead you to fail and money loss.

    Though the whole procedure of gameplay is rather simple:

    • The player places the bet;
    • The dealer delivers 2 cards for the player and 2 for himself (one of them is placed face-up);
    • Then you act in accordance with your initial total: you hit or stand, you may double or split, also surrender or buy insurance;
    • Next the dealer acts;
    • Finally (if nobody goes bust) you match your total points with the dealer ones;
    • The winner takes it all.

    Of course the given list presents only the basic information with no details and extended descriptions. But if manage to catch the whole meaning and mechanism of blackjack then you meet no serious obstacles ahead.


    On your way to basic blackjack knowledge we strongly recommend you to get acquainted in details with the next topics:

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    • Educational books and films concerning gambling in whole and blackjack in particular;
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