Blackjack Tournament Intro

  • It is stated that the Blackjack tournament popularity rises very fast. Spectators prefer this game variant due to its entertaining component and all-celebrities-included status. The knock-out format employed by rules for blackjack adds amusement for audience to watch and empathize.

    The players choose this variant in pursuit of profit and fame with the blackjack games that are offered. But the play game for fun is still in favor among them. The win against the other players provides the participant with more joy and self-gratification than the house defeating in the casino variant of blackjack.

    Also we must mention such factor as the overlay and the high expectations of prizes and bonuses the Blackjack tournaments possess. It means that the prizes and payments are formed not with help of player entry fees only, but adding the casino extra money as well. Thereby the tournament organizers come up to player expectations easily.


    We may state that the Blackjack tournament rules differ from the casino basic blackjack. The main peculiarities have to do with PvP format of the game and the knock-out procedure.

    The first point concerns the fact that the player struggles with other blackjack enthusiasts, not with the dealer. This feature may influence the playing strategy much.

    The knock-out format provides the player elimination rule. According to Blackjack tournament rules, after the rounds #8, #16 and #25 the player with the lowest sum of chips/money resigns the game. Also the player is knocked out if he loses all of his chips/money or cannot afford the minimal bet.

    Other rules may touch upon the entry fee peculiarities, the several rounds structure of the gameplay, bet and time limits, Secret Bet option etc.


    The next thing to discuss is the Blackjack tournament etiquette as the integral part of tournament gameplay. This is one of the most important things as it should be applied to other games as well, such as Paddy Power roulette game for example.

    We advise you to consider the next points of discussion and act accordingly to the tips given below:

    • Operate your chips carefully and do not insult the players and the dealer with your chips spilling;
    • Always wait for your turn to make a bet or act. Even if you decided all your actions and stakes in good time - keep the turn rule in your head obligatory;
    • Never talk to your rivals or to the dealer. No jokes or remarks are possible. Provocative or aggressive gestures are still out of use during your tournament blackjack performance.


    The Blackjack tournament playing is considered to be the top for any blackjack enthusiast. You may perform online blackjack all your days and nights but it never provide you with the pro status and respect.

    The same may concern the Player vs. House gaming.

    Only the Blackjack tournament variation will demonstrate your real skills and knowledge indeed.

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