Pontoon Variation

  • Pontoon is a popular basic blackjack card game performed in Australia and Malaysia as a known variant of Spanish 21.

    The game has one of the lowest house edges and thus it's highly favorable to amateurs.

    The standard blackjack card game forms the basis of Pontoon - lends the game its basic notions, mechanisms and rules.

    Even though Pontoon card game obtains its specific features which may be formulated in the following way:

    • Eight card packs shape the shoe;
    • 2:1 pay for blackjack;
    • 2:1 pay for 5-card winning hand;
    • Even money pay for other win combinations;
    • The dealer blackjack defeats the player blackjack (here pontoon) and 5-card winning hand;
    • The dealer distributes all the player cards face-up;
    • The dealer initial hand is dealt face-down;
    • Having less than 15 total the hit for a player is a must (up to 5-cards hand);
    • The dealer checks his hand for pontoon at once;
    • Doubling is okay once for hands with 2, 3 or 4 cards;
    • Having less than 17 total the hit is a must for a dealer;
    • 2 splits is a max for one round.

    Also we may distinguish the next term differentiations in Pontoon in comparison with the regular blackjack card game:

    • twist = hit
    • stick = stand
    • buy = double down
    • pontoon = blackjack


    It's a useless thing to occupy the tournament blackjack chair without knowing the Pontoon basic strategy mechanism.

    In the tables given below we provide you with helpful decision tips and recommendations.

    Hit → H Stand → S Double → D (if it's not okay then hit) Split → P

    *Double if it's okay, otherwise stand.

    You may easily use these charts performing your online casinos gaming. Just print the data given above or open this page on your browser tab.

    You should memorize the mechanism of Pontoon basic strategy if you play real casinos. In live gambling houses the game etiquette bans any additional stuff usage.

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