Blackjack Switch Variation

  • Blackjack Switch is an amusing variation of the basic blackjack card game which is rather interesting to learn and perform.

    This game variant possesses 3 main specific features we enumerate in the list below:

    • The dealer Push-hand total 22;
    • Even money pay blackjack;
    • Switch decision option itself;

    Additionally we may state that the Blackjack Switch obtains the low house edge ranks.

    All these delights are available for each player decided to master the Blackjack Switch card game and enjoy it live and/or online.


    Firstly we should point out that the Blackjack Switch rules are basically rely on regular blackjack card game rules.

    The main game features are:

    • 0.58% house edge;
    • 6 or 8 card packs shape a shoe;
    • To hit on soft 17 for a dealer is a must;
    • Push is announced when the player and the dealer have blackjack;
    • If the hole dealer card is 10 or an Ace then he may check his second card for blackjack;
    • The player may switch only second cards of his hands;
    • The blackjack after the switch decision counts as 21 total;
    • Doubling is okay after splitting;
    • Doubling is okay for both cards in player hand;
    • You may split hands up to 4;
    • Even money pay for blackjack;
    • The player blackjack defeats the dealer blackjack.


    Now we present you the Blackjack Switch strategy tables. It possesses the valuable info concerning the play mechanism and make decision recommendations after a switch decision.

    Hit → H Stand → S Double → D Split → SP

    Consult the basic Blackjack Switch strategy charts given above if you want to perform the best and proven winning strategy. Keep it ready to your hands playing online casinos and memorize it for your tournament clashes with other players.

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