Rules For Blackjack Primary

  • Rules for Blackjack plan:

    • Basic rules
    • Card value
    • Terms and notions

    Now let's consider the each plan item separately and in full.


    The game chief aim is to get cards with total as much closer to 21 points as it possible without going beyond of this mark. If you get more total points than the dealer (your principal rival) - then you win. And vice-versa.

    You win automatically if you get 21 points (blackjack) at once with your 2-card initial hand.

    You lose automatically (go bust) if your total goes beyond 21 points.

    If both of you (the dealer + the player) get blackjack combination or the same final total then the tie is announced (also it may be called push).

    Now pass on to basic blackjack round sequence:

    • Place your bet;
    • Get your 2-card initial hand from the dealer;
    • The dealer places his own initial hand (one card face-up and another face-down);
    • You hit if you want one additional card to increase your total points;
    • You stand if the total of your cards is enough and then the dealer starts to act;
    • You split if you have a pair (two 10's for example) and thus the initial hand is divided into two separate hands;
    • You double if you want only one additional hand and it's enough;
    • You surrender if you see no chances for win;
    • You buy insurance if the dealer face-up card is an Ace and you foresee his blackjack combination is coming.

    After your acting the dealer steps the stage and start to make his own decisions.


    In accordance with rules for Blackjack the game cards possess the next values:

    • â‘©'s plus all the face cards → 10 points;
    • â‘¡'s, â‘¢'s, â‘£'s, ⑤'s, â‘¥'s, ⑦'s, ⑧'s and ⑨'s → 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 points correspondingly;
    • Aces value 1 or 11 points (on grounds of expedience);

    The card suits are out of importance according to rules for Blackjack.


    • Blackjack - combination of cards in your initial hand that has a total of 21 points;
    • Bust - according to a blackjack glossary - combination of cards in your hand that has a total more than 21 points;
    • Double - you double your bet and get only one card additionally to form your final hand combination;
    • Insurance - you pay ½ of your initial bet if the dealer face-up card is an Ace and you foresee the blackjack is coming when the dealer will open his second card. If the dealer gets his blackjack - you lose no money. If he is not - then the insurance payment moves to the casino side;
    • Hit - you get another card to increase your total points;
    • Push or Tie - no winners situation. The dealer and the player have the equal sum of points;
    • Split - you divide your hand into 2 separate hands to operate;
    • Stand - you need no more cards for your hand;
    • Surrender - you withdraw the round and get the half of your initial wager compensation.

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