Online Blackjack - Another Reality

  • First let's identify the online casino variation and only then begin to consider the online blackjack in particular.

    The online casinos are considered as the variant of the traditional live gambling houses which supply the player with the ability to play blackjack in the Internet.

    The web-based casinos possess the same game rules and variations as the real ones. The odds and the paybacks are also similar to the land casino rates.

    The game mechanism is based on the random number generator usage. The legacy is backed by official software the online casinos equipped.

    The standard game option offers the following list to play:

    Now let's consider the online blackjack separately.


    Now we assist you to form your preferences concerning the choice of blackjack variant - online or live.

    First we try to enumerate all the advantages of online blackjack gaming:

    • No for time or money expenses on planes/trains and hotels;
    • No for additional pressure on the player the real casinos atmosphere and setting possess;
    • No for time limits to make a decision.

    And vice versa:

    • Yes for easy and cheap access to play;
    • Yes for recognizable and lovely setting, calm atmosphere and absence of distractions;
    • Yes for free and open use of strategy charts, card counting techniques and other additional tips and helps.

    It is believed and often quoted - at home even the walls assist you. Thus keep it in mind and form your playing preferences wisely.


    Go over to the next favorable trait of the online blackjack performing - it's bonuses and extras.

    The live casinos provide you (at the best) with all these free rooms and drinks stuff. From the first sight they may appear as free ones. But when you lose a serious sum of money to house, you start thinking rather in a different way.

    The situation with online blackjack extras is different. But the aim stays the same - to attract as much players as it possible and then keep them playing particularly your casino.

    These extras may appear in the following forms:

    • Free chips
    • Free games
    • Low house edge
    • High rates of payments
    • Additional bet or/and card combination bonuses

    And now imagine how much the rent and the ruling of the real casino cost? It's a huge sum of money, isn't it? Thus the real casino budget may hardly offer the player the extras and bonuses which also cost much.

    Another story with online casinos. They don't pay taxes, rent or staff salary. Thereby they may afford to spend more money for the player favor. Secure the big payments and provide tempting bonuses.

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