Blackjack: Doubling Down

  • The 2008 movie ’21,’ directed by Robert Luketic followed the lives of six MIT students who were trained to card count in Blackjack and took the Vegas casinos for millions of dollars. If you are fortunate to have watched this movie you will know that one of the keys to success it how to utilise doubling down in order to maximise profits when the deck is in your favour.

    Doubling down is an option a player playing with the likes of Unibet (why not play casino games online today?) can take each time they are dealt a hand. To double down just place an additional wager – not exceeding your original bet – onto the table; the caveat being that once you double down you will only receive one more card and are automatically forced to stand. If you follow the double down strategy in basic Blackjack strategy, then the addition of the double bet means you would win money over the long run.

    Due to the forfeiture of any more cards, it’s important to double down when the turn of the next card is likely to get you as close to 21 as possible. With this in mind there are two very important factors to consider when deciding to double down. The first is the total of the cards that you hold and the second is the up card of the dealer’s hand.


    If you are dealt a total of eleven, then you are going to double down on a dealer up card unless they are showing and ace. This is because the deck holds more ten cards than any other denomination and 11+10 is the fabled 21.

    When it comes to the doubling down amount, the rules vary from casino to casino. Some casinos insist that you match your original wager, most accept lower denominations, but you will be hard pressed to find a casino that will allow you to bet more.

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