World Series of Blackjack - 4 Seasons to Enjoy

  • The World Series of Blackjack was a televised blackjack tournament types member hosted by Game Show Network. This tournament possessed the close type - thus the players might be either invited to become a party to the games or they could win a place by means of a satellite tournament.

    The rounds of World Series of Blackjack are edited into one-hour episodes and aired on GSN. The first two seasons of a show were hosted by famous sport commentator Matt Vasgersian and gambling https://book-of-dead.se/free-spins/ expert Max Rubin.

    John Fugelsang and Ben Mezrich hosted the 3rd season aired once a week on June 5, 2006. The World Series of Blackjack was a part of Casino Night programming block on GSN.

    The 4th season was commented by Matt Vasgersian and it gathered 40 players including Carolin Rhea (Celebrity Blackjack champion), baseball player Orel Hershiser and magician/comedian/musician Penn Jillette.


    Now let's look at the principal tournament rules of the World Series of Blackjack.

    • $100 000 in chips form the fresh set of each player;
    • $1 000 min bet and $50 000 max bet;
    • 6 decks form a shoe;
    • Knockout cards rule - the shoe possesses 2 knockout cards and when one of them is dealt, the player with the lowest sum of chips resigns the game after the next round. The deck is shuffled after each knockout card;
    • Burger King Power Chip rule which allows each player to switch 1 card with the next following card in the shoe;
    • Split, double and insure may cost less than the player initial bet;
    • The double is okay on anything;
    • Surrender is okay;
    • The player resigns the game if he can't afford the minimal bet;
    • 3:2 pay blackjack + the dealer must stand on his soft 17's and higher;
    • The player with the most number of chips wins the game after the 25 rounds.


    Now let's consider the World Series of Blackjack summary charts.

    SEASON 1

    SEASON 2

    SEASON 3

    SEASON 4

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