King of Vegas - One Million Baby

  • The King of Vegas is popular gambling competition aired first on January 17th, 2006 on Spike TV. The guest players competed in different gambling activities and fight for a 1 million dollars prize.

    The show was hosted by Max Kellerman, the boxing commentator and sport guru. He was accompanied by popular TV personality Wayne Allyn Root, the person who has commented on all the matches and odds. The King of Vegas tournament was directed by Matt Savage who worked on World Series of Poker lately.


    The King of Vegas tournament possessed the following format of show:

    • 12 players (6 pros and 6 amateurs) to participate in the contest;
    • 8 different casino activities to perform (starts with Blackjack and ends with Texas Hold'Em final game) - 4 games per week;
    • $10.000 in chips fresh set for every player to start the game;
    • Limited rounds according to tournament rules;
    • No limits for bets.


    Now let's touch upon the players theme in details. As it already been mentioned the King of Vegas show possessed the contest of 12 players, six of which were pros in some kind of gambling activity and the other six were the amateurs who has never played on the professional level.

    Each week one contestant was eliminated and went home with nothing.

    The January 17th, 2006 King of Vegas tournament possessed the next players staff:

    • Ken Einiger -honored tournament blackjack player;
    • Hollywood Dave Stann - one of the most popular tournament blackjack player, the Bad Boy of Blackjack;
    • Joanna Wlodawer - a blackjack player;
    • Mike Matusow - a poker player;
    • David Williams -a poker player;
    • Evelyn Ng - a poker player;
    • Todd Haushalter - the casino manager;
    • Alan Borman -commercial producer;
    • Steve Dempsey - a plumber;
    • Jerry Goldberg - a retiree;
    • Katie Porrello -a professional card dealer;
    • Brandon Newsome - the college graduate.


    The King of Vegas tournament possessed the next list of gambling activities for contestants to perform:

    • Basic Blackjack
    • Caribbean Stud Poker
    • Craps
    • Horse Racing
    • Mini-Baccarat
    • Pai Gow Poker
    • Red Dog
    • Roulette


    The January 17th, 2006 King of Vegas show contestants were eliminated in the order given below:

    1. Joanna Wlodawer
    2. Todd Haushalter
    3. Ken Einiger
    4. Mike Matusow
    5. Brandon Newsome
    6. Steve Dempsey
    7. Evelyn Ng
    8. Katie Porrello
    9. Hollywood Dave Stann
    10. David Williams
    11. Jerry Goldberg

    Thereby the Alan Borman, TV and radio commercial producer was the last man standing and thus the King of Vegas show winner. He received his $1 000 000 and fizz the cork to celebrate his incredible win.

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