Ultimate Blackjack Tour - All-Stars Performance

  • The Ultimate Blackjack Tour was a TV series of Elimination Blackjack tournaments which were aired for 10 weeks on Saturdays on CBS. The Tour possessed the qualifying round the matches of which were held not far from Las Vegas with 120 players participated in it.

    The main contest of Ultimate Blackjack Tour started on September 16, 2006. Max Rubin and Mati Moralejo hosted the show plus Playboy's Playmate Nikki Ziering and beauty queen Shandi Finnessey provided the sideline reports.

    The most noticeable participants of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour were the popular poker players:

    • Johnny Chan
    • Phil Laak
    • Robert Williamson III

    And professional blackjack players:

    • Ken Eineger
    • Anthony Curtis
    • Hollywood Dace Stann
    • Monica Reeves


    • Started set of $25 000 in chips for each player;
    • $25 000 maximum bet;
    • $500 minimum bet;
    • The final tables possess the $100 000 in chips as a fresh set and max bet at the same time + $1 000 min bet;
    • 7 players play at each table;
    • 25 seconds make-decision limitation;
    • 45 seconds make-decision limitation on Elimination Hands;
    • The game possesses the 30-rounds play according to a tournament rules;
    • The player who has the most of the chips at the end of 30 rounds is announced as the winner;
    • Hands/Rounds 8, 16 and 25 are considered to be Elimination Hands. After these rounds the player with the less amount of chips resign the game;
    • "Secret Bet" option available for each player once a game;
    • "Secret Action" and "Secret Insurance" options available for each player once a game as well;
    • The so-called secret options considered above are performed in the following way: the player briefly leaves the playing table and goes to a secret room. There he writes his secret bet, demonstrates it to the camera and gives the card to the dealer when returns to the table.


    Now it's time to know the Ultimate Blackjack Tour season 1 and season 2 results.

    SEASON 1

    SEASON 2

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