Blackjack Tournament Strategy - Try PvP

  • Blackjack tournaments increase their popularity day by day. Due to their specific features concerning the blackjack tournament strategy, this format possesses more and more enthusiasts.

    The rising popularity of entertaining shows like The World Series of Blackjack, starry Celebrity Blackjack or prime quality tournament King of Vegas is just goes to show the fact that the PvP contests are more favorable by the audience and players than the Player versus House games.

    Blackjack tournament strategy differs a lot from the regular or basic blackjack card game. And if you want to succeed in this growing format of the game then you should pay your attention to this article thoroughly.


    First we observe the basic shift in warring parties. The blackjack tournament strategy possesses the PvP format which obtains a number of specific features.

    So now you must to beat the other players, the same as you game participants, on your way to win. Thereby you should watch the other players' bets and actions. This is the essential point for your tournament strategy planning.

    In general the gameplay becomes more unpredictable and thus interesting when the PvP format is performed. In the regular blackjack the dealer being a principal rival of yours has a rather limited set of actions and decisions to make.

    On the other hand playing the blackjack tournament format you compete with the players and the only limitation for them is the common sense notion.

    By-turn the usage of basic blackjack strategy is still considered to be the fundamental approach for any blackjack tournament player.


    In the following paragraphs we present you the selection from the Casino Tournament Strategy by legendary gambler Stanford Wong. The understanding and mastering of the considered tips will aid you to perform blackjack tournaments well.

    • Succeed or go bust. You should always watch your chances of going into the next round or being eliminated. And if the variant of resign is hovering in the background then you should risk and do your best to get the next round, than to play conservatively and have no choices of moving forward;
    • When behind - then get a swing. The next blackjack tournament strategy tip concerns the ability to act according to your game state of things. The tip sounds in the following way - if you are losing then it's the best time for you to bet more.
    • When you're ahead - then go with a flow. And vice versa - if the things go fine and you are ahead of other players then you should relax and play more cautiously and conservatively. Let the others to risk and get the bumps.
    • Chance for mistake. If you know that the only way for you to win is a mistake of your rival - then give him/her a chance to make it. If the rival of yours has theoretical chances to beat you, it doesn't mean that he beats you practically.

    Learn more and practice your tournament blackjack skills with all responsibility before you dare to place yourself at the playing table.

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