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  • Speaking about the Blackjack tournament rules we may point that each tournament differs from the others and possesses its own specific features and rules. By-turn there is a number of basic, stable rules which any blackjack tournament obtains.

    For example we may consider the following basic rules peculiar to the majority of pro tournaments:

    • The player buys the place at the tournament table, in other words the entry fee rule is applying;
    • The players are placed randomly at the tables;
    • The tournament possesses the several rounds structure;
    • All the players start the round with the same amount of chips no matter what results they show in the previous rounds;
    • The bets has its min and max ranks that influence the blackjack strategy basics sufficiently;
    • The number of rounds coincides the number of players are still in the game after the previous round end;
    • The betting and the acting order starts with the player seat #1 and proceed clockwise;
    • The dealer delivers cards from 6-deck shoe and shuffle them after the each round end;
    • The Blackjack tournament rules covers the time limits for players to make a decision (from 15 up to 45 seconds);
    • Secret Bet option is open for players - thus the player may hide the sum of his bet once a game.


    As all the Blackjack tournaments obtain the knock-out format we should consider the elimination procedure separately and more thoroughly.

    Thereby each so-called Elimination Hand (#8, #16 and #25) must result in the elimination of one player with lowest amount of chips at the beginning of the next round.

    Also the player resigns the game immediately (no matter what the round is) because of the following reasons:

    • The player loses all of his money or chips;
    • The player cannot afford a minimum bet;
    • The player is disqualified.


    Also it's essential for us to consider the general rules for blackjack card game which are still the same in the blackjack tournament rules. Thus we may state that the rules of casino blackjack are still in force no doubt.

    • The dealer must hit on his S17 or less;
    • The dealer must stand on his H17 or more;
    • It's okay for a player to split or re-split up to 4 hands (except Aces);
    • It's okay for a player to double on every initial card and after split;
    • Insurance and surrender options are possible;
    • Blackjack pay 3:2;
    • Player blackjack vs. dealer blackjack = push;
    • No blackjack after splitting is possible.

    Not out of place to mention once more that the Blackjack tournament rules may vary in accordance to the each tournament specifications.

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