Blackjack Tournament Etiquette - Behave Yourself

  • Before you start to play blackjack tournament intro it's rather important to learn the basic rules and features of blackjack tournament etiquette. If you don't want to act like a fool and blush with shame with or without reason - read this article responsibly.

    And always remember that the knowledge is power.


    Firstly we touch upon the chips subject. The most basic blackjack tournament etiquette tells us not to throw you chips accidentally onto the table when you are betting. You should form a neat stack of chips and then place them calmly and carefully into a special bet area of a playing table.

    This care allows the dealer and other players to see the bet amount. Plus it helps to avoid scowling glances and your being under suspicion of rudeness.


    Secondly, always wait for your turn. It's a common blackjack tournament etiquette rule for you to know.

    Even if you already decided the wager sum still you must wait for your turn to place the bet. The tournament format is quite exacting for this point of discussion.

    In addition the same rule applies to your hit, stand, split, double, surrender etc. actions for sure. Thus wait your turn and only then act.


    Never talk to other players. It's a golden rule of pro casino tournaments in general and blackjack tournament etiquette in particular.

    You can't discuss with other players:

    • His actions or decisions of yours
    • Whose hand is better
    • Whose bet is more generous
    • His or (especially) her appearance
    • The scores of last match day

    All this stuff sound incredibly rude and horribly unacceptable. Even if you cannot but make fun of some geek by your side - you must be patient and put the sardonic smile of your face only.

    Not out of place to mention that the communication ban violation may bring to your kick out of the tournament.

    Plus always watch your gestures. No jump with joy or condole hugs as well. Wink at nice dealer in skirt before you is also banned.


    At all events behave yourself. If the tournament isn't going well it's not the permission for you to act rude or mean. Being frustrated or crazy with happiness just remember the rule - think well of people and thus the people will think well of you.

    Learn all these rules for blackjack tournament etiquette and thus put yourself into a healthy environment of gambling. Thereby you will able to show you full potential.

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