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  • The successful usage of pro player experience may assist you significantly no doubt. Even if the player is a real guru in gambling and his advices are learned and practiced with confidence and full responsibility.

    Thereby we present you the Blackjack tournament tips ascribed to Joe Pane - one of the most skillful blackjack players on the earth. He participated in more than 500 blackjack tournaments and won lots of money during his professional career. Joe Pane is believed to be a master of card count as well.

    Not out of place to mention that Joe Pane participated in Season 2 of the World Series of Blackjack and his struggle with "Hollywood" Dave Stann is considered to be the apogee of the show second season.

    Thus we may trust his advices, aren't we?


    In the list given below we present you the selection of Joe Pane expert advices and tips. Be sure these advices will aid you much - whatever your level of game skills is.

    • No regular blackjack betting. Always remember that you play PvP format, not the regular blackjack against the dealer and house. Thus you must vary your bets in correspondence with other players' actions, decisions and bets. Be watchful and always think logically;
    • No early big bets. It's believed that the big bet isn't the best choice for an early round maneuver;
    • Count skills. Here we mean the ability of a player to count the stack of chips with only one glance. It's a very useful skill for a player to recognize the chip value with by means of its color. Thus you should train this skill and master this technique indeed;
    • Basic blackjack strategy usage. If you need no matter what to win the round then Joe Pane advises to use the basic blackjack strategy charts. Sure method is the best method. But if the things go bad and you rivals are ahead - forget the standards and basics and act accordingly, just risk;
    • Increase you wagers when the other players are unable to mirror them. Plus it's more favorable for you to make one big bet instead of betting small separate stakes;
    • Gained the lead? Maintain it. Also Joe Pane advises to bet ½ or 1/3 of you lead if you must bet first. But if you place your wagers after your opponents then you should mirror them.
    • Keep traces. The ideal state of affairs for you is to count card tracks + the rivals chip total. Or just set your priorities in the following way: first player chips/bets/actions and only then the pure card count;
    • Hide you cards. If you play face-down blackjack tournament then trouble about the other players cannot see your cards at all events.

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