Hi-Opt II Card Counting System

  • The Hi-Opt II (name High Optimum is also used) is a card counting system which is created for advanced and experienced card counters. The considered system is balanced and thus presents a zero final deck count.

    The system has a rather complex mechanism and extended card count structure. So be ready to rack your brains much if you decide to step the advanced player level and master this difficult technique.

    Firstly you should learn well the Hi-Opt I card counting system, which is the predecessor and the basis of the considered method.

    And don't forget to revise your basic blackjack strategy knowledge as it's a crucial point to your success.


    Let's look at the chart given below and point out the main differentiations and special features of the Hi-Opt II card counting system.

    From the beginning we may notice the presence of -2 /+2 count groups. It complicates the count procedure but otherwise makes it more accurate.

    • The big group face cards + 10's now count -2 (for example in the basic systems they count just -1);
    • The small cards group of the Hi-Opt II card counting system numbers 6 card values and divided into two subgroups with +1 and +2 counts;
    • The middle 8's and 9's and Aces form the zero count group. Plus the Aces may possess the additional count.

    The given system is rather complicated and tricky. So we advise you to pay much attention to such specific features of the Hi-Opt II card counting system as the following:

    • â‘£ + ⑤ value cards ultra-add status;
    • â‘¡ + ⑦ value cards positive count;
    • â‘© + Face cards ultra-subtract status.


    In Hi-Opt II method (which possesses the zero count of Aces) the additional blackjack counting procedure may be performed.

    If you watch the Aces departure and count the rest in the deck - then you provide yourself with extra chances for winning over your rivals.

    Generally speaking the following complex of procedures may look quite nasty:

    • basic blackjack strategy appliance;
    • card counting system using;
    • the additional Aces count carrying.

    The synchronous operating of each list item during the live casino tournament game may drive you crazy.

    On the other hand it may supply you with the powerful knowledge and thus aids to mount the throne of yours.

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