Elimination Blackjack Variation

  • Elimination Blackjack is a tournament variation of basic blackjack card game. You may perform it almost in every casino (both real and online) and spectate it on the Ultimate Blackjack Tour live broadcast. The Elimination blackjack was invented by Russ Hamilton.

    The considered game possesses the tournament format and thus obtains the different play mechanisms and strategies. The Elimination Blackjack features the standard blackjack elements plus No Limit Texas Hold'Em traits.

    Being a tournament variation the Elimination Blackjack chief aim is to gain a victory over the other players, not the dealer.


    • 6 decks form the shoe;
    • The Elimination Blackjack possesses a 30 hands length round;
    • Seven players max can participate the game;
    • If the dealer has ≤ than soft 17 then he must hit;
    • If the dealer has ≥ than hard 17 then he must stand;
    • The splitting is okay 4 times max (not for Aces);
    • Surrender option is okay;
    • Insurance option is okay;
    • The bet size has its limits;
    • The make-decision time has its limits;
    • The secret bet option is okay in some casinos;
    • You win if you are the last-stand player at the table or if you have more money/chips at your disposal in comparison with other players.


    As it already been said the Elimination Blackjack presents the tournament rules and thus the game possesses the knock-out format.

    You can abandon the game in the following ways:

    • You lose all your money/chips;
    • You cannot afford yourself a minimum bet;
    • You have the least of all chips among the players when the elimination hand is announced. Such cutoff moments comes with rounds #8, #16 and #25.


    We advise you to follow the next list of tips in order to succeed in your tournament blackjack gameplay.

    • Be aggressive and bet more wagers at your starting rounds in order to achieve a lead at once;
    • Use your game position wisely - especially watch the player actions on the right of you;
    • Use card counting systems + basic blackjack strategy recommendations;
    • Follow the count of rounds you play - know the exact moment of elimination hand announcement;
    • Be unpredictable and act ingeniously from time to time.

    Keep it in mind that the Elimination Blackjack possesses his unique mechanism of gameplay. If you decided to step the tournament performing you should get more additional knowledge and be ready to revise your beliefs, strategy preferences and personal tip toolbox.

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