Funny Blackjack TV Shows

  • There is no doubt that blackjack is rated among the most popular card games in casinos. The game is also known as the ‘twenty one game’ where a player gets to play against a dealer. Initially, the player will be dealt with two cards at the table by the dealer. The aim is for the player to hold cards with a higher value than the dealer has but less than twenty one. The player can acquire an extra card in order to reach twenty one but only if he/ she feels safe that he will not exceed 21 points. Nowadays, blackjack is available in different variations and the popularity of the game both online and offline has been increasing. While playing at land-based casino has its benefits, it quite more comfortable to play online at William Hill casinos, and of course to check out William Hill blackjack preview page.

    Blackjack for Fun

    Just like how most of the card games have their literature, blackjack is not an exception and also comes with its unique literature. This includes several useful books which offer players tips and strategies on how to win the game following recommendations of some of the world expert players. Besides these books, you will also find many hit movies and TV shows based on blackjack. Some of the funny ones that have won the hearts of many players include a very popular and loved TV series/ show about blackjack in Australia. Even though this particular TV show doesn’t really tackle blackjack game directly, it majorly revolves around Jack Kempson and his daily life. He is a detective. The star in the TV show is Collin Friels who takes the lead role. As per the show, the detective is required to solve some old cases that have remained unsolved for years. Using modern technology and well thought off techniques, the detective is sufficiently passionate to provide sound solutions to the crimes. The man is very honest and is determined to ensure that justice is served.

    Blackjack or Black Jack?

    Still, there is a manga TV series known as Blackjack. Manga is a Japanese animated TV series which deals with adventures of Blackjack, who is a doctor. Still, the popular series known as The Adventures of Ellery Queen has a particular episode known as the Black Jack. It is episode number 22 in the series. Another very funny TV series known as Jericho produced by CBS has a certain episode known as the Black Jack. Aired in early 2007, blackjack was episode 13 in the series. However, this series actually doesn’t really talk about Black Jack but the title is used to refer to a particular place. Another episode in the famous cartoon series known as Spongebon Squarepants also has the title of Black Jack. It was aired in 2007 in the 5th season of the series.


    The most popular TV show which is really connected with blackjack gambling game is WSOB. This is a blackjack tournament which is translated at TV. Players here play not only against the dealer, but also against each other, and all of them are united with one dream – hitting a huge money prize.

    Gambit TV show

    Gambit is one more blackjack-based TV show which was totally dedicated to gambling process. It was translated in 1972-1976, and only in 2008 it found its sequel in Catch 21 TV show.

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